Embracing Pelahatchie’s New Chief


Brin Pearson

Hebert illustrates a plot pyramid to her class. Also pictured, from left to right, students Phillip Rainer and James Courtney.

Benjamin Pearson, Staff Writer

It would seem foreign, coming to a new school with more kids than one is used to, but Pelahatchie’s newest English II teacher, Leslie Hebert, has paved the way for an exciting new school year.

As of the beginning of the 2019-2020 fall semester, Hebert has taken the role one of Pelahatchie’s English II teachers. She teaches two separate classes: one on B days, and the other on A days. 

Many wonder Hebert’s origin, where she came from and why she chose to come to Pelahatchie High School of all places. 

“The Learning Center is quite different from Pelahatchie (although I do see some familiar faces)! At the LC, students are required to follow ALL of the rules and policies outlined in the RCSD Handbook as well as additional rules and policies from the LC. The structure is quite rigorous when it comes to behavior and, most specifically, dress code. Some students need that structure, so that atmosphere works for them,” explained Hebert.

Coming from the Learning Center, there are quite the differences between it and Pelahatchie. Hebert said, “I am excited about being at Pelahatchie. I didn’t realize that I missed all the activities of a “normal” school. I went to and worked at events from my children’s school, but that is different than the excitement that comes down the halls on game days – the volleyball players, cheerleaders, football team, and just the community of enthusiastic students. The ‘air’ is just so different here. I LOVE it!”

While adjusting to a new environment can be difficult, Hebert has enjoyed her first few weeks.

“To answer your ‘most important’ question … Yes, I do like it here. I am confident that both my classes will begin to sync, and we will have a productive year of growth with a lot of laughter.  I look forward to next year when I can joke about my ‘first year difficulties’ at Pelahatchie High School,” said Hebert. 

Leslie Hebert began as a substitute teacher at the Learning Center. However, a college degree later, she has become a beloved English teacher at Pelahatchie.