Construction Strikes The Chiefs


Constructors are in the process of building a new walkway to the front office

Kennedi Dixon , Staff Writer

Pelahatchie Attendance Center is taking on big changes. Since the beginning of last year, Pelahatchie Attendance Center has undergone major construction. The school is expected to receive new additional buildings and parking spaces. 

Since construction has started many areas have been closed off, especially by the front office. The office is in the process of receiving a new add-on, such as a newly built walkway.

The old band hall is rumored to become the new JROTC building to provide more space for the students.The auditorium will then be accompanied by the new the band hall.

Since the new band hall is a part of the construction. Many band students are happy to move from the older band hall to a brand new one. Emmie Hoard, an 11th grade student, stated, ”We need a new band hall because our current band hall is entirely too small for us, so I’m glad we’re receiving a new one.”

The old parking lot behind the new building is being renovated to accommodate more parking spots for students and teachers.This means parking won’t be interfering with the buses, and students wouldn’t have to park outside the campus. By limiting parking on the outside of the campus, this keeps students and their cars safe.

The high school parking lot will especially be beneficial for other visitors. When there are school events held outside, the parking lot will provide extra space, too.

The staff and students are excited for the new upgrades to the school, and look forward to the finishing product from the construction. Dr. Burchfield, the school principal, said, “We’re excited about the improvements that have been made, and it’s going to lead to a lot more pride for our students and staff.”

The constructors are in the process of building a new parking lot.