PHS White Out To Support Chiefs


Callie Weems

The drum line performs for students and faculty.

Callie Weems, Staff Writer

On August 23, 2019, during fourth block, PHS held their first pep rally of the year. In support of the PHS football team, Pelahatchie students and faculty wore white, which went along with the theme, “Freeze out Florence.”

Before entering the auditorium, the PHS drumline, cheerleaders, and football players walked through elementary hallways. After making an entrance the drum line moved to the front, while band members located in the back. The band, as a whole, entertained the audience with music while cheerleaders acted on learned stunts. “I liked it, it was loud, but other than that, I liked it.” said Senior, Riley Bowman.

Callie Weems
The drum line performs for students and faculty.
Here Lakindria Rideout poses in all white.

The Pelahatchie mascot, Coriah Jones, lip sung to the Frozen song, “Let it Go” as it was briefly played. As entertainment went on, “snow” fell onto students’ heads.

The drumline performed outside for students and faculty.    During the pep rally, football players were seated in the front rows. After hearing a little speech from the football coach, seniors Ian Jackson, Amhad Johnson, Gregory Beeman, and Hunter Langley to say a few words on stage. “Y’all already know what the business is!” said Johnson.

“It was cool, it was exciting!” said Adriana Johnson,  a junior. 

She was not the only one to voice and/or share an opinion about the pep rally. Sophomore Lakindria Rideout said, “ When it was in the auditorium, it was turnt because  I could find good energy. They just need to play better music. Oh, and the popsicles came in handy.”

The support the team received resulted in a win. “I feel like it was a great team win; we  worked our defense to be the best in the state and that’s what they showed Friday, but as for the win it was one of many for the season, facts,” stated PHS football player #10, JD Williams.

The next pep rally’s theme is completely different from “White Out Florence.” On Friday 30, 2019, students  dressed as farmers to, once again, support the PHS football team as they take on yet another team.