Breakfast, the Most Important Meal of the Day? Or the Quickest Way to A Senior’s Heart?

McKenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

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Friday morning on August 25, 2019, many parents from the senior class here at Pelahatchie High School gathered and organized a big breakfast for everyone. The breakfast was hosted in the shop, which is run by Bob Robinson. Many parents, along with a few teachers at Pelahatchie, are working on making senior year for these students the best they can. 

Scarlett Castillo, senior here at Pelahatchie High School, and Greg Beemon, also a senior, shared a few moments and feelings they had about taking part in this activity, as well as their senior year in general. “I appreciate the fact that the parents took the time out of their morning to provide us with breakfast. Not only was it delicious, it was an unforgettable memory to have connected to senior year,” said Castillo. 

She also stated that her favorite part of the breakfast was the chocolate milk. “We always run out of milk at my house because I drink it all, so I was glad I had some.”

Greg Beemon said, “I like the way the parents got together and made breakfast for us because not only was it thoughtful and appreciated, but it also gave the parents a chance to get to know each other better!” 

When most students discuss how they feel about senior year and just being a senior in general, their responses are, “I’m just ready to graduate. I don’t even want to look back.” 

However, in other cases, several students respond or have responded with, “I just want to make it, and hear my mama say she’s proud.” Being a senior and graduating means they made it, that they got through everything high school threw at them, and it’s time to turn the page to the next chapter in life. 

After graduating high school, Castillo plans to attend University of Mississippi Medical Center to receive a BSN. She wants to work as a neonatal nurse and continue to go forth in her doctoral degree. She has also set herself with a daily reminder which is to “go big or go home.” 

Beemon, on the other hand, has plans to attend Hinds Community College for two years and then move onto Mississippi College. A little piece of advice mentioned by Beemon was to, “I listen to your teachers and be their friend if you can. Having a bond with all or even just one of your teachers will get you a long way in life, and that will be a memory that never fades.” 

Someone once said, “Don’t count the days; make the days count.” If every student in the class of 2020 here at Pelahatchie High School were to be asked, “How’s your senior year going?” the expectancy of the response being, “just counting down the days until May 19th,” would most likely be about 50%. 

Time doesn’t slow down for anyone; it will always keep on going at the pace it was made to. The parents and teachers of Pelahatchie are encouraging the students each and every day to enjoy and appreciate the little moments that all of life has to offer.