Taking Votes for Student Council


Kayla Hobson

Donna McMillian (right) holds stickers while Ryan Bayliss votes.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

On August 21, high school students vote for the annual Student Council. Each grade pick the students to represent them and their grade. Many junior high and high schoolers are happy about voting and being elected.

 Faith Smith, a junior that signed up, says, “I am excited to use my input and help with decisions and planning. I am also happy to bring  unique opinions to the table.” 

Another junior, Teleiah Lewis, explained what she thinks student council stands for. She says, Student Council is “for students to give their opinions and to make a change for the students.” 

In the voting stage students had to walk into the lunchroom and go to the back table. The table was divided into six sections that label seventh to twelfth grade. Students got in line to vote for their grade. Each grade has different number of votes they could give. For example, juniors and seniors had six people they could choose.

Sophomores on the other hand had five. After they vote they get a red, white, and blue “I voted in Rankin County” sticker that many students carried around for the rest of the day. When they leave, they can finish their lunch.

John Jason, a senior who voted, says, “ I think I made a good choice in promoting my grade.” Students in each grade found out if they were chosen the next day after the school announcements. The next Monday, Students Council had a morning meeting where they voted for president, vice president, and treasurer. 

Student Council is known for helping with important events like homecoming and fundraising. They also plan school activities like powderpuff and participate in community events such as Relay For Life. This helps students learn to take responsibility and gain leadership they can use now and in the future.