Tennis Rumors are True


Jamison Bennett

Coach Tyler Walter the upcoming golf sponsor.

Jamison Bennett, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 tennis rumors are true. While Pelahatchie is trying to give the students activities to participate in, tennis is being cut from the school’s athletic program; instead it will be replaced with golf.

Bob Mullins had been the tennis coach of Pelahatchie High School for two years. Mullins daughter Amy Till said, “He has decided not to return this year due to other obligations.”

Olivia Sirmon, a former tennis player, said that she is actually “devastated” that the team will not be reuniting this year. “Learning how to work as a team, and learning good sportsmanship” were just a couple of pin-pointed memories mentioned.  

Bryan Collins, first year Pelahatchie Assistant Principal stated that there is “no golf course” in the Pelahatchie area. Tennis practice had some similar issues, resulting in the team being at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts or in the Brandon area, making it a hassle for both team players and their parents. Will this be an issue for the golf team as well?

Golf is a spring played sport. Tyler Walters, the upcoming coach for the 2019-2020 golf team, also mentioned that about once a week the team would be meeting at surrounding areas with a court. “Because Pelahatchie does not have a personal tennis court there will need to be independent practice.”

To play golf players will need golf clubs, but because the sport is not as funded as much as other Chief sports, the individual athlete will need to purchase their own set via Dick’s Sporting Goods, Target, or a form of social media. Mr. Collins also said there will be an interest meeting sometime after Christmas break; requirements, dates, and other information will all be postponed till further notice.