Pelahatchie Attendance Center Exceeds Expectations

Nicole Rainer, Staff Writer

Pelahatchie Attendance Center grew from a low simple D to a furthered letter B in a school year. 

Pelahatchie has been a low-grade school for a while now, but Pelahatchie’s current principal Teague Burchfield.“ Feels extremely excited about faculty, staff, and students effort as it relates to our positive growth on our end of year exams,” said Burchfield.

Since Pelahatchie is a school they have an end of the year state tests; the tests determine if the students pass the grade. Faculty and staff practiced, maintained, and achieved. “We have extremely talented faculty, staff, and students who want to perform and we narrow the focus and set ambitious goals for our school to meet,” said Burchfield. 

Burchfield came from Brandon High school, hoping to help Pelahatchie grow to a higher grade letter. “The credit goes to faculty, staff, and students for believing in themselves and performing to the best of their ability at the appropriate times; with this being said there is still much more work to do because we are still in pursuit of being what we are capable of being: an A school,” said Burchfield. 

The Mississippi Department Of Education (MDE), measures or grades the school’s progress, which is what the students make on all three benchmarks and state tests. There is also a scale that determines the grade letter the school receives. “MDE has a framework for accountability that basically measures or grades a schools progress; this is known as our accountability model, and there are eleven areas that they focus on,” said Burchfield. 

The four subjects are measured English, Math, Science, and History. English and Math measures proficiency, growth of all students, and growth of the lowest-performing students. In Science and History, only proficiency is measured. All of the subjects add up to a total of 700 points; also in the framework are acceleration, college and career readiness, and graduation rate, and these total 400 points. Graduation rate is valued at 200 points and is simply the amount of students who graduate from the original cohort. 

The scale determines the letter grade the school receives at the end of the year. On our 1000 point scale, an F is anything below a 510, a D is anything in between 583-510, a C is anything in between 647-584, a B is anything in between a 753-648, and an A is anything higher than 754. 

F = < 510 

D = 583-510

C = 647-584

B = 753-648

A = > 754