What Brings Teachers to Pelahatchie?


Tina Roberts was teaching her students about protein. Photo credits: Maria Ellingburg

Maria Ellingburg, Staff Writer

Every year students get new teachers, and every year new methods are tested. One of the teachers that stands out the most is Tina Roberts

Tina Roberts is a Biology and Human A&P teacher here at Pelahatchie. This year she will be taking on her third year here, although it is her 4th year teaching overall. She attended Clinton High School. She also went to Hinds Community College and University of Mississippi Medical Center. Before she decided to become a teacher, she was a nurse; after leaving the nursing field, she then began to pursue her life as a teacher. 

She taught at Callaway High School in the Jackson Public School District before she came to Pelahatchie. Her inspiration to become an educator came from a friendship she had with a lady named Christy Stark. She was a teacher in JPS. 

Having the opportunity to share knowledge, inspire,and make a positive impact in the lives of teens is what she pushes for every year. 

“You can be the greatest teacher ever,but if you don’t make building relationships with your students a priority, they’re not going to give you their best,” said Roberts. The reasoning behind Robert’s choice of teaching was that she wanted a job that allowed her to spend more time with her son, Ethan. 

She claims her favorite thing about teaching is the relationships she’s grown with her students and being able to impact her students’ lives. Robert says the hardest part about teaching is the required amount of work that must be done outside of school, but this work does not affect her love for the job. She says if she could go back in time and change her career, she would have started teaching a long time ago. 

She always rewrites all of her notes because it helps her understand and remember material. This is one of her many study methods. She also has four very important rules for her classroom. First, all the phones in the phone storage/charging area. Second, no disruptions or talking over the teacher while she’s presenting a lesson. Third, be respectful to classmates and teachers. Last but not least, all students must give their best effort. 

One of her favorite memories here at Pelahatchie, as well as the funniest, was her putting on a student’s wig in front of her entire ACT Prep class. 

According to Roberts, school has much more meaning to it than just getting an education. “It can be one of the greatest adventures of your life.”