McKenzie Ferguson

Collins Doster and teacher, Randal Creel, award the photographer with bright smiles, while showing off their certificates.

A Basket of Appreciation

Teacher, student, and athlete of the month, are all awards given out each month, by to recognize those who work hard at everything they do. 

 High School has around 400, give or take a few, students total. There are 37 teachers at Pelahatchie as well. Each month, a few of many are selected to represent and receive,student of the month, athlete of the month, and teacher of the month; the teacher of the month award is called the Teacher of Innovation award. 

When these individuals are selected to get an award, they are called to the library where they will have their picture taken and where they are presented with a certificate, alongside a sizable bucket of delicious items. 

Randal Creel, coach and teacher here at Pelahatchie High School, and Collins Doster, student here at Pelahatchie, both received an award for the month of August. 

Creel’s response to receiving the Teacher of Innovation award was that he felt very honored. “I am just doing what I love. To get credit for that… it feels great.” He has been teaching and coaching here at Pelahatchie for fives years now. One of his favorite parts of teaching is the relationships he builds with his students. He feels that his job has a purpose, “to give them a future,” and that he is making a difference in their life, or that he tries too. 

Originally, Creel wanted to be a wildlife biologist because of his love of animals and their habitats. “Then, I wanted to share my level of learning and teaching with young kids. I wanted to make a difference in the  lives of children. To be a part of all those ‘aha’ moments that happen every single day. It keeps me on my toes and active.” 

Collins Doster was thrilled to earn athlete of the month award. “ There are so many talented athletes at Pelahatchie High School, so I was really honored to be chosen for this month,” said Doster. Doster was also excited to receive the bucket that contained: a drink, one bag of chips, and candy. 

Though Doster was grateful to receive the award, she was very surprised. There are always teachers and coaches watching the students here at Pelahatchie. Doster participates in many sports, like cheer, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. She feels that she was most likely noticed because she is engaged with so many activities at our school.


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