Pelahatchie Contributes to The Fall Blood Drive


Kennedi Dixon

The blood bus waited for students to come and donate blood.

Kennedi Dixon , Staff Writer

The annual PHS Blood Drive is back again, and it took place on September 16, 2019. The blood drive happens at least two times a year. The school looks forward to having more students involved this year.

With the blood drive drawing near, reminders were placed all over the school to capture the attention of many students. By more students joining in for the blood drive, they are able to contribute to saving the lives of others. 

Hosting these blood drives each year gives more students the opportunity to offer support. This also allows students to take notice of the importance of donating blood. This is far beyond doing a good deed for those in need of blood.

Seniors also benefit greatly from the blood drive if they give blood twice. For their graduation they’ll be able to receive a red cord that acknowledges what they have done for others. In a way, seniors are setting the example for younger audiences to contribute, and it is urgent that we encourage them to be more involved. 

The more the younger audiences are encouraged, the more people who can be helped. 

Although there is no physical or outrageous reward for donating blood, it is the thought of contributing that’s rewarding. Students are able to gift a valuable essential of the body to those who need it.

 With the help of many students and staff members, lives within the community or in different parts of the state can be satisfied from the help of those who have donated blood. 

“It is good to donate blood. In fact, I’ve seen on the news that when it came time for patients who needed blood during surgeries, they didn’t have enough,” said Emmie Hoard, a 11th grade student.

 “I’m just glad to contribute to the blood drive, and help those who need it,” said Chole Hamilton, a 12th grade student.

Kennedi Dixon

Scarlet Castillo smiles, showing off her bandaged arm after donating blood.

It is a wonderful thing for people to be able to contribute to the needs of others, especially when lives depend on it.