Who Will Wear The Gown?

CJ Earby votes for 12th grade homecoming maid.

Kayla Hobson

CJ Earby votes for 12th grade homecoming maid.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

As students come through the double doors of the cafeteria, some head for the food and others vote. On September 10, 2019, students voted for their future homecoming maids.

The previous Monday, the announcements informed the students that they will vote at third block during lunch. 

Some students campaigned the morning and break before voting. 

Destiny White, a junior who voted, said, “I voted because I wanted to give other girls a chance. Many girls don’t get the opportunity to win, so I wanted to make a change.” 

Sitting on the other side of the tables, Kelsey Nobles and Wendy Carter helped students. Students walked to the tables and were directed to which paper they should vote on. 

Depending on the grade, there were different girls each grade could vote for. For example, the tenth graders voted for four maids, eleventh voted for five and seniors voted for six. 

The next day, the maids were announced during first block. 

Starting with eighth grade, the maids are Kyndall Patton and Aliya Ward. Freshman maids are Airranna Beeman, Gracie Jones, and Camden Patton. Sophomores are Chrystianna Beeman, Collins Doster, Sharetha Hobbs, and Adlyn Till. Juniors are Katie Belle Boyer, Kayla Hobson, Isabelle Rust, Reagan Sanders, and Chloe Walters. And for seniors, their names are Kimberly Cochran, Jacey Cooper, Abby Dawson, Brianna Galbraith, Aliza Myers, Olivia Sirmon, and Victoria Thornton.

Katie Belle Boyer, a junior maid, said, “I’m honored for the opportunity but nervous and excited for what’s to come. She also added, “I would like to thank my fellow classmates for voting for  me; I hope to represent Pelahatchie well.”

On October 11, our homecoming football game will be against South Delta. With all the girls lined up in their dresses, they will find out who will be the Homecoming Queen of 2019.