Pocket-Sized Fleeting Flea Market Visits Puckett


Brianna Pearson

Deborah Pearson purchases knickknacks inside the thrift store, taking advantage of this special event.

Brianna Pearson, Staff Writer

Inside and out, shelves are stacked with knick knacks of all sorts, ranging from vintage to modern. The perfect little ornament lies in the front, waiting to be bought. A bargain awaits.

On the first Saturday of September, a pocket-sized flea market nestled its way into the small town of Puckett. The Community Thrift store is located on Highway 13N by the post office, in the small Mississippi town of Puckett.

The flea market is held the first Saturday of every month from 8 AM to 3 PM. Community Thrift owners host the market, called the First Saturday Outdoor Flea Market. 

Outside, vendors anxiously await potential buyers to bargain for their knick knacks, shielded from the sun under their tents. Inside, the shelves are stocked with antiques for discounted prices.

In addition to the beating sun and swarming insects, the few booths outside sported covers to shade their products. 

While the market was enjoyed by many, a few suggestion pop up ever so often. “I enjoyed it, but I just wish they would have had more booths,” said Deborah Pearson, a Pelahatchie parent. “And I think the 8AM to 3PM times should be a bit later.

The Facebook page, Community Thrift, posts mainly about what’s new and prices for most products. 

The overall rating for the store is a 5 out of 5.

“Community Thrift is run by wonderful people whose idea is to give back to the community with the money they make at the store. Have some great items at even greater prices, go and check them out, you will be glad you did,” recommended Beverly Lachut.

According to ratings, both the Flea Market and the store are successful. With the word getting out, perhaps there will be more visitors in the future.

The next market event is October 5 beginning at 8 AM.