Pelahatchie Attendance Center Introduces the PHiveS


Maria Ellingburg

This is a picture of the PHiveS hanging on Mrs. Grice’s classroom wall.

Maria Ellingburg, Staff Writer

There is a new set of rules being enforced all over the school this year. These set of rules is called classroom “PHiveS.”

In every classroom there is a poster that states the PHiveS, which are On Time, Hats/Hoods Off, Earbuds out, Cellphones Up, and Laptops Down. Just about every teacher enforces this rule. Many students do not really like the PHiveS. Everyone has a different opinion on the set of rules. Hannah Steadham, a student at Pelahatchie, said, “I think it’s dumb, but its necessary. The kids should know the rules of the school by now and listen to them, but they evidently don’t which is why these rules are enforced.”

Not many students like the fact that they are not allowed on their phone or able to have earbuds out. Some teachers allow students to listen to music with their earbuds, but only when they are working independently. 

Many of teachers take up everyone’s phone at the beginning of class, and it helps students to actually pay attention and be involved. Coach Wilder makes his students put their phones on the desk at the very front of the room every time they walk into the classroom. Mrs. Roberts makes her students put their phones in the “phone storage/charging” area once they come into the room. At the end of the block, students are allowed to get them back. 

Teachers have different opinions though. Sherree Rayner, a teacher at Pelahatchie, said, “I think they make our jobs a lot easier. Every rule has a point.” 

Many teachers and students seem to think that the PHiveS being enforced helps them and students.On the other hand, some students think something completely different. Jayla Macklin, another student at Pelahatchie High school,  claimed, “It’s crazy. We should be able to do what we want to do. It makes sense to have rules, but not that many or that strict. It’s what kids should do, not teenagers in high school.”

Everybody has different opinions about these new rules. Some do not like them, and some do.