JORTC Marches into Success


Cj Earby

Pictured left to right Gaven Boydstun, Maria Banuelas, Rose Gibney, Landin Pierce, and Jose Banuelas after completing the showing of the colors.

CJ Earby, Staff Writer

The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. The class is to prepare kids for life after graduation. 

JROTC is a program designed to teach high school students discipline, respect, leadership, and responsibilities. The program gives cadets an advanced preparation for students to survive in society.

JROTC is an experiential learning program that will challenge you in ways none of your other classes do. Whether a cadet plans to participate in all four years of high school or just a student whose just trying out the program

There are two teachers who instruct this class: Sergeant First Class John Gaugh and Lieutenant Colonel Greg Hargett . These instructors teach their classes about the history of the military and things that can be used in everyday life .

In JROTC cadets are encouraged to be a part of the drill team, color guard, raider team, and other activities. Cadets will also learn the principles of leadership throughout the school year.

Cadets are given summative grades for assigned uniform days and formatives for their class work. 

The cadet uniform consists of 1 pair of pants, dress blue jacket, gray button down shirt, shined and clean shoes, black socks, white undershirt, and black belt and buckle.

First year(Let 1) cadet Jatavious Hughs said, “ I like this class so far, it’s pretty fun and something I never thought I would be interested in.” 

The class also performs color guards and support for the community and school events. They even help out with donations like the canned food drive and clothes donations. 

JROTC holds summer activities such as JCLC, STEM Camp at Mississippi State University, and The National Flight Academy. These activities are usually a week-long  programs that cadets participate in, which allows them to obtain higher leadership skills and advance in the JROTC program.