Volleyball Girls Hit Teachers With Appreciation


Nicole Rainer

Coach Nutt and player Shelbey Surkin pose for the camera at the varsity game on October 1.

Nicole Rainer, Staff Writer

The evening of September 19, 2019, PHS volleyball team shared their absorbing thoughtfulness throughout the awe-inspiring crowd, giving a round of applause under the gym lights and appreciation to their outstanding teachers. 

This night was known as a Teacher Appreciation night. The volleyball team decided to spike appreciation in the crowd of teachers. Nikki Nutt, head coach of the volleyball team and mathematics teacher, talked about her insight on ignologing teachers. “I think that anytime you can recognize teachers for their hard work and dedication it is much appreciated. I not only think that it is time for teachers to be recognized but a way for the players to say thank you to an educator that has an impact on their life,” said Nutt.

Organizing events may be stressful, and difficult for officials, coaches, and even teachers. “Teacher recognition is something that I have done before at another school and I wanted to incorporate it here at Pelahatchie. When the season started I asked the girls if they wanted to do a teacher recognition game and without hesitation, they said yes,” stated Nutt.

Abby Sweeney is assistant volleyball coach and English teacher. “Sweeney designed the invitation, RSVP cards, and certificate; the girls pulled together on the goodie bags and a few of the girls painted the signs displayed in the gym. All in all, it was a huge group effort,” said Nutt.

Maggi Gilliam ,8th grade student at Pelahatchie, shares her opinion about the organization.”Overall the teacher appreciation night was well maintained by our team and both coaches. It was a great night to share with the audience as well as the chosen teachers to take a step forward for appreciation,” said Gilliam. 

Gilliam and Shelby Surkin chose coach Nutt together to show her hard work and dedication.Nutt stood by the official’s table where Sweeney called out each player and the teacher she chose. Surprised to the fact her name was called out. “She’s a very good teacher and has made an impact on my life,” stated Gilliam. 

Nutt was surprised to see that someone noticed her teaching skills. “It was very unexpected but nice to see someone notice the hard work I put into the classroom,” said Nutt.

Just because a teacher wasn’t chosen doesn’t mean they are not unappreciated or unfit for teaching. Gilliam shared her thoughts on why all teachers are crucial.”Teachers are important in our everyday life because without teachers there is no education, without education we wouldn’t be able to get jobs, and without jobs, we are without money, and without money, we have no way of life so teachers are the main part of our future lives.”.