How Student Council Connects to Pelahatchie High


Abigail Dawson

Back row pictured from left to right: Justin Beemon, Telaiah Lewis, Anna Grace Carter, Caitlyn White, Chloe Walters, McKinley Goodin, Holly White, Marie Valentine, Elsi Munoz-Ramos, Greg Beemon, and Camden Patton. Front row pictured from left to right: Holden Gray, Regan Sanders, Abigail Dawson, Sydni Goldman, Adyln Till, Katie Bell Boyer, and Ella Tucker.

McKenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Student Council is an organization at Pelahatchie High School that was created to help students become better leaders. It is meant to be a place where students can voice their opinion or idea and not be afraid of what others might say. 

Although there are many members that are a part of this group, there are five people who were voted on by all students at school to fill certain jobs. Abigail Dawson – President, Sydni Goldman – Vice President, Holden Gray – Secretary, Reagan Sanders – Treasure, and Adlyn Till – Reporter. The sponsors are Donna McMillian and Emily Hayes, both of whom are teachers at Pelahatchie. 

This year, Student Council is getting more involved than ever before. Pelahatchie’s homecoming is coming up soon, and the group is taking on an exciting role in it. The members have to come together to plan the parade and dance. Each Student Council Member has to take part in the process of decorating their floats. They also help with selling tickets for the dance. 

According to Abigail Dawson, there is a convention coming up on November 7th at Mississippi College. “We spend all day on the college campus with other student council groups all over Mississippi. Most of our student council members attend this event,” said Dawson.

They are also given the chance to tour the campus and walk on the brick streets of Clinton. Not only do they get to check out the college while at the convention, but they also take part in an organization that touches the hearts of many. Dawson stated that everyone picks out an angel tree kid, and student council members meet up one afternoon to shop for each of them. “It is a fun experience and nothing is more important than giving to other children.”

Sydni Goldman and Abigail Dawson have also been planning the Rankin County Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society. They are trying to engage more schools involved for this year’s relay and constantly recruiting teams. 

The members always come together and collaborate to introduce new things that are beneficial to the school, as well as making it something they can agree on. “I always feel like I have a voice in this group. I’ve never worried about feeling alone because in this club you make friends that feel like family. We always let each other voice our opinions; it’s a place where ideas can come forward and you do not have to be scared or worried about that. It is a club that will always have an impact on my life,” said Dawson. 

Many Pelahatchie students feel grateful for Student Council and its many opportunities.