Whale, where do we begin? The Mississippi Aquarium is Coming!


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The aquarium is being built in Gulf Port, MS, and will open in 2020.

Tayla Martin, Staff Writer

The Mississippi Aquarium is set to open on April 30, 2020. The aquarium is located on Beach Boulevard of Gulfport, MS.

The aquarium will contain over 80,000 square feet of exhibits connected by landscaped walkways with plants representing all seven physiographic regions of Mississippi. It will contain one million gallons of both salt and freshwater. 

Species that will live at Mississippi Aquarium will cover the water,  land and air. Some of the animals will include alligators, river otters, river fish, dolphins, stingrays and  shorebirds.

The fountain that guests will see upon entry will stand taller than the Biloxi lighthouse. The Gulf Tunnel will be 30 feet long, and guests will be surrounded by sea life. The campus that the aquarium is on is ten times larger than the Barksdale Pavilion. 

Students at PHS hope they will have the opportunity to take a field trip here in the future. “I am really excited to see the new aquarium! I have been waiting for Mississippi to get something new exciting that I can do with the entire family for awhile now!” Hannah Steadham, a long term Mississippi resident, exclaimed while looking at the aquarium’s new website.  

Not only is the aquarium full of amazing attractions, it also volunteers and hosts many educational events. World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup, Mississippi Aquarium At Tern Fest, and Consume For Conservation are a few events that the aquarium will be apart of. 

The aquarium is not only helping provide education and help to the oceans but as well as providing jobs for the Gulf. The aquarium contributes 900 more jobs to Gulf Port. 

The aquarium will provide careers, internships and volunteer opportunities for those looking to gain hands-on experience and give back to the community. Openings will be posted on the careers page of the aquarium’s website. 

For more information on the aquarium and updates on the progress, visit the Mississippi Aquarium website.