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The cheerleaders encourage Pelahatchie’s citizens.

Bay Springs Raid Flops Just Like Area 51

The lights glare down onto the field, illuminating the competition between the sweating jocks. People line the fences, attempting to encourage the tired boys. The game finishes, and disappointment can be seen on the faces of many in the Pelahatchie stands.

On Friday, September 20, Pelahatchie’s Chiefs battled against the Bay Springs Bulldogs. The game took place in Pelahatchie, a home game for the Chiefs. 

The final score was 27 to 36, the Bulldogs leaving victorious. While the difference in the final score was minor, it still stood as a loss for the Chiefs.

The players were not proud of the loss, yet there was optimism in the emotion mixture. “Well, to be honest I, for sure, didn’t love it because winning always brings the team’s confidence level up. But the fact that our team gave it their all, in my opinion, shows that we have the fight in us to win it all later in our season,” said Caden Stansbury, number 26 on the football team.

Stansbury explained, “We don’t need to be too confident, though, because Jackson Academy has a good team with good coaches and lots of potential. But, we need to have a good mentality about winning, play smart and the main thing – do our part for the team.” 

Randy Thompson, a member of Pelahatchie’s band explained, “There’s a lot we can do if we were able to defeat a school from our state’s capital. Personally, I was just there to do my job and then leave. As long as I did my job well, I’m satisfied.”

As for the cheerleaders, they were not that pleased either. “Anytime we are cheering for a losing team it’s tough because we always have to put on a show and lead the crowd, but whenever we are losing, the crowd doesn’t interact as much but as cheerleaders we have to keep on cheering regardless. Even though we were losing the cheerleaders were still cheering strong because we really wanted the boys to beat bay-springs,” said Collins Doster, a Chiefs cheerleader.

With a sneak peak into the following game, this makes the second loss in the 2019 fall season. The Chiefs have had three previous victories against Florence, Puckett, and Forest.

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