Pelahatchie Gathers for Homecoming Ceremony


Anna Grace Carter

Junior high and high school maids take a group picture.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

With family and friends filling up the front rows of the gym, the younger maids circle around the seniors. Cameras and phones could be seen and heard from a distance.

As the new Homecoming Queen was called, sounds of cheers and clapping came from the crowd and the court. 

The announcer decreed Aliza Myers as the 2019 Homecoming Queen. 

Next year, Aliza will come back to crown the Homecoming Queen of 2020. 

On Friday, October 11, the maids arrived at the Sirmon’s home. Each brought snacks for the event.

While people waited, each grade had their individual pictures taken from photographers. If maids paid, they could buy professional individual pictures of their own or of the entire court.

Many of the maids enjoyed participating. A junior maid, Chloe Walters, said, “My favorite part of this year’s homecoming was how stress free it was once we got to the parade and school. And next year I look forward to making the best of my senior homecoming.”

Around 6:40, the maids headed to the gym for the homecoming ceremony. 

Running through splashes of rain, the maids entered the gym and waited for their escorts. 

Before the ceremony started, they filled the rows of seats to take a group picture. 

As the ceremony began, the maids lined up in grade order while holding their escorts’ arms. When each maid’s name was called, she walked to the Chieftains head design and stopped. Their bio was read as they were headed to their specific position. 

Isabelle Rust, a junior maid, said, “I feel like it went really well. We had a good bit of people there watching. I feel like we all had a great time and we made the best of it considering all of the circumstances. I really enjoyed getting dressed up and being able to be a part of the 2019 homecoming court. I look forward to homecoming next year. Go, Chiefs!”

After the senior maid took their positions, Tiara Collier, former homecoming queen, was introduced and escorted by assistant principal Bryan Collins. 

After the introduction, the announcer finally introduced the new Homecoming Queen of 2019.