Pressing Through the Fall Benchmark

Kennedi Dixon, Staff Writer

When it comes to benchmark testing some students are anxious, some students are prepared, and some simply don’t care. Just mentioning the benchmark can get Pelahatchie stirred up a little bit. Most students agree that they dread benchmark testing.

Recently, benchmark testing took place on September 23 and ended on October 9. Grades 7th-10th were tested.

Before testing took place, Dr. Burchfield gathered students into the auditorium for words of encouragement and persuaded students to try their best on the benchmark. Dr .Burchfield, the school’s principal, stated, “The staff and I want to push all of our Pelahatchie students to strive and make academic improvements.”

The whole purpose of benchmarks is to measure the performance of students from the beginning of the year. The benchmark determines a student’s growth and performance in certain subjects. Algebra 1,English 2, Biology 1, and US History are the main subjects on the benchmark.

Each grade is assigned different subjects to take on the benchmark. The seventh and eighth grade students take the science, math, and english sections, while the ninth and tenth graders only take the Biology 1 and Algebra 1 test.

Since the benchmark is taken on the computer, it is important for students to have their computers charged and functioning correctly. If a student’s computer is not charged then that could cause them to lose their place during the test if their computer dies.

Students use this website to login into their benchmark.

When it comes to scoring, each students score is based among four different grade ranges: Minimal, Basic, Proficient, and Advanced.It’s important for students to aim for advanced and proficient scores because it reflects the school and the teachers.

Even though students agreed that they don’t enjoy taking the benchmark, it is beneficial for the students, school, and teachers. The benchmark is preparing students, now, for exams at the end of the year.