What Will Halloween Bring In 2019?

McKenzie Ferguson , Staff Writer

October 31st is a national holiday filled with horror, screams, a few tears, laughter, and candy. There are many definitions that surface when it comes to discussing Halloween. Originally, Halloween was associated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, where people would gather around bonfires dressed up in costumes to “ward off” ghosts. To others, Halloween is just a night where families and friends get together, dress up in costumes, have hayrides, go to haunted houses, and eat candy. 

You may wonder what candy has to do with Halloween: it’s called trick or treating. Children, and let’s be honest, automatically think candy, when they hear the word Halloween. Jaxon White, first grader at Pelahatchie Elementary said, “It’s fun because you can go around and get candy.” 

Teenagers, on the other hand, tend to do so much more when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Most of the time, there are costume parties where friends get together and cook out, and sometimes have a contest to determine who wore the best costume. However, some people still like to take advantage of Halloween and go back to the way things used to be. Scarlett Castillo, senior at Pelahatchie High School said, “I like Halloween because I feel like it is the one time of year where you can express your inner child, and be whoever/whatever you want to be… you know what I’m saying?” 

There are also many movie marathons that come on during the month of October, such as: Hocus Pocus and Halloween. Hocus Pocus is about three witches who are set free by a teenage boy who lit a candle, and it is up to him, a friend, and his little sister, to steal the witch’s book that contains spells, to stop them from becoming immortal. They are also helped by a magical cat that was once a young boy in the same position. 

The movie Halloween is a series, and there are 11 films. It is about a guy who is mentally unstable and kills one of his sisters at the age of 17, while the other sister escapes him, but he comes back for her years later. Due to the fact that there are 11 of the movies all together, the story line followed a sequence where Micheal Myers, the main character and killer, kept returning. Although, a few of the movies were just a remake of the original film made in 1978.

Celebrations of all kinds come to mind when people discuss Halloween, but it all comes down to the same thing: to have fun and make memories.