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Cruisin’ the Coast attendees observe a few of the cars that were showcased at the event.

CJ Earby, Staff Writer

Imagine riding down Highway 90 and seeing many cars ranging from a 1969 Camaro to a Lamborghini. The 23rd Annual Cruisin’ the Coast took place October 6-13 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The Annual Cruisin’ the Coast is a time for people to showcase their modified or originally restored vehicles. 

This is also a time to fellowship with others who have the same love for cars as their peers and to learn about the time and patience it takes to restore an older car, such as a 1968 Cutlass, back to its original glory.

Car enthusiasts from over 40 states come to the Mississippi Gulf Coast annually to show off their vehicles and unique modifications. This event includes a car auction, swap meet, car corral and also a parade to showcase some of the cars.

Cruisin’ the Coast has become one of the largest events in the state of Mississippi. This event has received the Governor’s Excellence in Tourism Award, the Shining Example Award, and has also been named one of the 100 events of the year.

Attendees are given the option to register themselves along with their vehicles to give them access to various areas that are set up with observer parking, food vendors and merchandise that supports the event.

Willie Mayes, an avid car lover, said, “My father brought me to this event when I was young, and I fell in love with cars. I have attended this event just about every year since then, and I enjoy watching the cars and fellowshipping with the other attendees.”

Mayes also stated that he has learned a great amount about cars just from attending this event.

Cruisin’ the Coast also hold events like small Burn-out contest.

If one would like to attend this event next will be held October 4-11 on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.