Who Visited PHS?


Reagan Sanders

Representative Michael Guest, speaking to McMillin’s economice’s class.

Jamison Bennett, Staff Writer

The representative of the third district, Michael Patrick Guest, visited Donna MacMillin’s Economics class this morning.

Guest stated with an introduction of how he was happy to be here and excited to speak with the class.

Guest gave the economics class a briefing on his personal story. Through his young adolescence, he says, “I had no political ambitions.”

Guest initially went into college for law school, attending Ole Miss and Mississippi State University, where he received his bachelor’s. Prior to his position in the U.S. House, he worked in a district attorney office as an assistant prosecutor. Here he knew he wanted to be the prosecutor himself, in which case Guest then withdrew his position in office to run for the district attorney.

Guest was the leading prosecutor in many different trials; “petty” such as shop lifting to much more severe cases. The last case Guest took participation in was of a murder/armed robbery. This case was the only one he partook in where not only the defendant was proven guilty but also received the death penalty.

“I do my best to be home every weekend,” Guest says. His busy week starting well before the break of day where he catches the 5:45 Washington DC flight every Monday. Reviews and discussion of his week is followed by a meeting either it be a committee or subcommittee meetings the representative sits on the following committees: House Committee on Ethics, House Committee on Foreign Affairs; having two alternate subcommittee, and House of Committee on Homeland Security; also having two alternate subcommittees. Guest says, “There is not a lot of downtime, not a lot of time to sit and be bored.”

Holden Gray, an attending senior at PHS, asked Guest how many counties he represented and how did he receive enough votes to acquire his position. Guest explains that while home, he is still on the job attending rallies, meeting with other elected officials and people of leadership. The Representative went from door to door in some of the metro area neighborhoods throughout the state. Also helping his campaign was advertisement on social media.

Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel Exercise Act of 2019 is one of the most recent bills Donald Trump has passed. The bill was a majority vote for “only a handful” of congress did not agree with the bill due to cost. The bill passed, is to find the weakness through terrorist affairs. Guest used September 11, 2001 as an example of how unprepared our nation was for such activist.

Guest considers mental illness an important issue to be handled. Supporting each individual’s 2ndamendment, he believes that these red flag laws are not keeping the people in sight. Having a person on trial, while them not being able to defend themselves, is almost unconstitutional.

Through Guest’s questioning and answering portion of his visit, he was asked, “how does one become an intern at his office. His response was that one has to be at least eighteen years old and that sections of being an intern are seasonal (fall, winter, spring, and summer).