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In this image Mrs. Heather Greene was review for a test with her class by playing trashicball. They had to answer questions, and if they got them right, they were able to shoot the ball into the trashcan for extra points.

A glimpse into Mrs. Heather Greene’s life

Heather Greene teaches a few different classes, such as, Zoology, ACT Prep, and Chemistry. She has been a teacher for 3 years,all of which have been at Pelahatchie. She attended Ocean Springs High School. After finishing high school, she continued with her schooling at Mississippi State. She is now working on getting her masters degree and takes online classes. 

In her chemistry classes, Greene tends to do many experiments in the labs. Last year she made bottle rockets with her class. This was one of her favorite memories.

Many teachers become teachers for different reasons. Her reason for becoming a teacher was her son, Kellen. Everything she does, she does for her son and her daughter. 

Heather Greene’s favorite thing about teaching is the relationships she creates with her students. Her favorite students are people who pass her class. If she could, she would not go back and change her career; “I love what I do. Teaching allows me to do what I like and have time with my family.” 

Greene loves teaching; it is one of her favorite things to do, but there is one disadvantage She recognizes with the career.. “Having so many different courses to prep for is really hard and sometimes stressful, she said.  

She does not have many rules for her classroom except for the big three: be respectful, come prepared, and do nothing but the best. If a student comes into her classroom and do all of those things then they have nothing to worry about. 

She advises when studying to “make sure to passed little chunks at a time.” In other words don’t rush and do it all at once; do a little at a time because it is easier to remember that way.


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