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Kennedi Dixon

One professor at MSPA Convention talks about how to best utilize Twitter for newspaper and broadcast students.

Kennedi Dixon, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 29, Pelahatchie’s newspaper staff took a field trip to the University of Southern Mississippi. In order to arrive at USM on time, the students had to arrive at Pelahatchie HIgh School at 6:00 A.M. to take a bus to Hattiesburg.

The purpose of the trip was for the newspaper staff to participate in the MSPA ( Mississippi Scholastic Press Association) Convention. 

As soon as the newspaper staff arrived at the USM campus, they were checked into the Thad Cochran Hall building. Since USM is a college campus, many students were busily making their way to their classes

Mixed in with the bustling crowd of college students were student journalists from different high schools. 

All the students associated with their school’s newspaper attended sessions dedicated to young journalists. Each student had the opportunity to attend a variety of sessions. Each session had a different time ranging from  9:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 11:30 AM.

Some of the sessions that were offered were “Finding Big Stories in Education,” “Editors’ Roundtable,” and “Tales From The Morgue.” Other sessions speakers talked about how to include great photos and captions in an article. Many of the sessions revolved around helping each student create an outstanding article.

Some sessions discussed how to take “dead” content and make it new, how to create the perfect captions for pictures, and how to use Twitter for student journalism. Other sessions talked about how to include great photos and captions in an article. ”It is always important for your caption and picture to hand in hand,” said Dr. Davies, a professor at USM.

Around 12:20 PM all of the students were able to take a break and gather back into the Thad Cochran Hall for the student lunch. This allowed time for the students mingle and meet different student journalists.

Students busily make their way to their morning classes on the University of Southern Mississippi campus.

Since there was a session at 1:00, PHS students were unable to attend because they had to leave early. Overall, PHS students were able to gain new knowledge of how to create their own incredible articles.