Pelahatchie JROTC Earns Distinction Status at JPA Inspection


Bryan Collins

Cadets stand at attention as camera man snaps a happy moment.

On Wednesday, November 20, the JROTC Chief Battalion cadets tightened their belts, and straightened their jackets. Cadets stood at attention for the JPA inspection (JROTC Program for Accreditation). The JPA inspection, which happens once every four years. This event determines if the JROTC program continues. 

Puckett and Pelahatchie High School JROTC cadets prepared for the 2019-2020 inspection for about 2 weeks. The cadets practiced in the gym. Senior Army Instructor Lieutenant Colonel Hargett and Army Instructor Sergeant Gough are the instructors of the JROTC at Pelahatchie and Puckett High Schools. The days kept counting down. Soon enough the day of the inspection was here. 

Cadet First Lieutenant Phillip Rainer was so proud of the final results about the inspection. “I am very surprised that the cadets did as well as they did. I had faith that they would straighten up, but wow they did the unimaginable thing. Not only am I proud of the cadets for their outstanding performance but on their participating actions. Including Puckett High School, “ said Rainer. 

The Honor Unit With Distinction is an award that is given to the program to show that they were successful during the JPA. The “Golden Star” or Honor Unit With Distinction was won back. “The golden star is worn on our uniforms to show the Honor Unit With Distinction. I am so happy we have our golden star back. It will give our program more confidence, and a better mentality to keep pushing forward,” continued Rainer. 

The mission of JROTC is to “Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” “In order to enforce this mission, all cadets have to participate. I believe every time we practiced in front of other students we interested them. JROTC Cadets have a good impact on today’s society. We are an important factor of our school because everyone notices the actions of cadets,” said Rainer.