Deep South Grand Champs


Cheer team representing their place in the Deep South Grand Championship. Back row, pictured from left to right: Mackenzie Hester, Rose Gibney, Camden Patton, Madelyn Cain, Meagen Herrington, Isabella Rust, Haley Mills, Madison Broome, and Malorie Scherer. Front row, pictured from left to right: Jinodja Holifield, Collins Doster, Madi Holmes, Katie Bell Boyer, Adlyn Till, and Maddie Grace Walters.

On November 10, 2019, Pelahatchie High School’s cheerleading team competed at the 2019 Deep South Grand Championship. The competition took place at the Jackson Convention Center. 

Collins Doster and Madelyn Cain, sophomores, are both a part of the cheerleading team here at Pelahatchie High School. The team won first place in Game Day, as well as over all grandchamps. At Pelahatchie, the students are required to follow an A Day/B Day schedule; whereas, students have four classes one day, and four others the next. The team came together fourth block every A Day and every Tuesday morning at 5:45. They also had the opportunity to practice an extra 18 minutes backstage before their performance. 

In preparation for their routine, the team followed a rigorous preparation schedule. “Every practice we ran several full outs, which consist of our whole routine,” said Doster. Their routine consists of five different parts, which are the Game Day routine, the Band Chant, two cheers, and finally, a fight song. “Our favorite part of the routine is the cheer – it always gets the crowd engaged and the extra stunts within them adds excitement to everyone around,” said Doster and Cain. 

Last year when the team competed at state, they won 2nd place. Though 2nd place is a wonderful place to begin, the cheerleaders are super excited to have won Grand Champions this year, and those who support our school and team could not be more proud. 

The point of cheerleaders is to come together, share excitement, and chant as loud as they can to cheer on and encourage those students who play in a sport, and do their best. Studies show that those who are cheered on in sports tend to play better.  Quiet crowds could possibly make those playing, more nervous. If no one is yelling, the players could be made to believe that they aren’t doing a job good enough worth cheering on. When watching cheerleaders on the sidelines or in the stands, there is a noticeable connection between the team and the athletes. They are each other’s support system.