Given a Chance


Jamison Bennett

Appreciation acceptance of the buckboard wagon, sited in the entrance of the museum.

Jamison Bennett, Staff Writer

“Kids can learn a lot about Mississippi’s greatest history.” Roughly about a hounded-thousand children of all ages visit the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry/ National Agricultural Aviation Museum a year.

An antique was added to the museum on Wednesday, October 30. Pelahatchie Ag Science and Industrial Maintenance students and teachers joined together to restore an unique buckboard wagon.

The wagon was given to the school as a project by Jim Rowell and Greg Lott of Remington-Lott Farms, with great acceptance from Bob Robinson.

PHS’s FFA members worked on the two-hundred-year-old wagon, now John Deere inspired, for several weeks. Photos upon receiving and the process of the wagon are published in the article “FFA Fall Fun.”

Formal acceptance of the wagon was held with Commissioner Andy Gipson, Jim Rowell, Greg Lott, Bob Robinson, Pelahatchie Ag students, Coach Ed’s Industrial Maintenance students, and many more.

Rowel chuckled that, in the mid-1900s, upon purchasing the wagon, “It was accent then.” Rowell explained the significance the wagon held. Families lived out of them, settled new land with them, and stored everything they would need within an arms-reach in them. Rowell, a WWII fighter piolet veteran, explained that people will never imagine what the men and women saw is just how Tim O’Brien (the author of The Things they Carried, If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home) stated that, “often the crazy stuff is true and the normal stuff isn’t.”

Commissioner Andy Gipson spoke well of the men and women working on the renovations to the Agricultural Museum, which experienced a fire five years ago. The new shop will be for restoring antique equipment. The shop will also be lending a helping hand to new equipment, and possibly groups like FFA in the future.