Frozen II is an Enchanting Return to Beloved Characters


Photo credit: Disney

Adored characters adventurously return to the silver screens in Frozen II as they rockslide into a new quest through autumn-hued enchanted forests and raging black seas as Elsa looks for the source of her wintry powers.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, with parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting, and the inspiring comeback to one of the biggest Disney releases of all time.

The movie phenomenon Frozen has returned to cinemas, bringing about a whole new story brimming with oceans of color and emotion. From the breathtaking vibrant forest colors to watery steeds mounted by Elsa adorned in sugary white, Frozen II is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes.

The highly awaited sequel has earned $36 million worldwide, making Disney the first studio to acquire a $10 billion worldwide box office threshold in 2019.

The balance of solemn underlying messages and adorable humor makes Frozen II the ideal family movie. In the sequel to the billionaire film that helped to push Disney into industry dominance, many were worried if a second film would ever live up to the first. The film, in turn, served up sufficient captivating aesthetics and dramatic melodies to satisfy Elsa and Anna enthusiasts.

The whole crew is back, including our beloved snowman Olaf and clumsy Kristoff and Sven, embarking on a spirited journey far from their Arendelle kingdom. Elsa ventures “into the unknown” due to a siren-calling to find the source of her icy powers. The plot itself is predictable in a tolerable way as the squad faces the obstacles of Nature’s wrath to uncover the truth.

The musical aspect of the sequel, save for a few memorable tunes such as “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself,” might not live up to the significance of the first film but is still uplifting enough to pull at family heartstrings. Getting to hear the honeyed voices of Kristen Bell (Anna) and Idina Menzel (Elsa) once again in theaters was magical. 

Frozen II, like many Disney fables, uses emotions successfully to empower the young generation. The landscapes, the power ballads of Menzel, and even the small, happy moments of Olaf all contribute to making the film a touching and lovely one. 

The charming and enchanting musical elevates love, acceptance, empowerment, sisterhood, and even environmental issues. 

The harmonious emotion of Menzel and Bell helps give this immense feeling to what could have been a shallow, forgettable movie. The animation continues to amaze audiences by truly capturing humanity, which in itself is a feat worth noting.

“There’s a spectacle of it, but there’s also the emotion in their faces. I mean, the stuff that they grab is just crazy,” Idina Menzel (Elsa) told Collider. “Like when Anna sees her sister, when she’s thinks that she’s gone, you know. I mean, there’s just the humanity in what they do. It’s pretty incredible.”

The execution of the environment and facial expression in the film’s animation was undoubtedly immersive and vibrant. Along with the detail and dimension of the sisterly quest comes this euphoric and alluring atmosphere in each scene. 

The landscape visuals portrayed in the film range from mystical ice islands to forests of blushing pink flames. The accompanying inferred message of saving our decaying environment helps put the film in a modern perspective.

“The environmental message stood out most to me: we should respect Nature instead of trying to control and use it for our own often greedy and destructive purposes. The dam was a clear symbol of that control. I was, however, pleased to learn that Nature can be forgiving. The town of Arendelle was not destroyed. People were given another chance to set things right,” PHS librarian Eles Renfroe said.

“This theme is timely as we face dangerous Global Warming and witness rising sea levels. I hope that like Anna, we will realize that we must respect Nature and correct our mistakes before it is too late for our planet,” she finished.

This balance of real, deep emotional thought and delightful, innocent comedy makes the sequel worth the watch. The powerful message of sisterhood is what undoubtedly helps set apart the film from your everyday romance cash-grabs. The relationship between Elsa and Anna is tear-jerking and touching.

“I have a younger sister and I know how it feels, this fierce loyalty to each other, to being protective of each other, wanting the most for each other, wanting each other to sort of find their thing, their authenticity, their passion in life, what they’re meant to be, what’s their purpose,” Menzel stated. “These two women just want that so much for each other.” 

Overall, the journey-focused film is one that keeps the audience fascinated and entertained. From the raging waves to the newly-introduced Earth Giants, Frozen II is a sequel not to pass up. 

If the Mississippi cold “never bothered you anyway” and you are looking for a great way to chill on a lazy winter day, Frozen II is the ideal movie for lots of warm hugs and family memories. After all, as Olaf once said, “Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle.” And watch Frozen, of course.