Chiefs Receive New Parking Lot


Kennedi Dixon

This is the school’s newly paved parking lot.

Kennedi Dixon, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of last year Pelahatchie Attendance Center has been undergoing construction. Construction workers, trucks, and heavy duty machinery are littered all over the campus.

During the whole month of November construction workers dedicated most of their time to the back parking lot, which this limited a large portion of the student body’s social time.

Because of this students were unable to go to break, which sparked outrage among the students. “I think that we should at least be able to buy snacks because most students don’t eat lunch or breakfast. It also unfair that I cannot get snacks between my classes because that is mostly what I eat throughout the day,” said Zoey Jones, a 7th grade student.

Because of this parking lot construction, students and staff members had to find effective parking spots that were out of the way of construction. Many people parked near the baseball field or at the front of the elementary and high school offices. This of course created a small problem for people who had their own designated parking spaces.

“I usually get to school a little early just so that I can have a place to park. With all this construction going on people are having to fight over parking places, and it is just too much going on in these little parking lots, “ said Brooklyn Johnson, an 11th grade student.

When students returned from their Thanksgiving break, they were gifted with a new constructed parking lot. Parking spaces near the New Building and Band Hall were restored into new condition. 

This also provided many parking spots back that were lost.

However, construction workers are still repairing parts of the old parking lot, and they are transforming some areas into a new building. 

It is predicted that the construction happening on the Pelahatchie campus will be completed within the next few years. This includes areas such as the new parking lots, a new Band Hall, and add-ons to the New Building.

Pelahatchie looks forward to having all these new upgrades to the school.