Dribbling into Success

Senior Jacey Cooper brightly smiling as she gets ready to sign for ECCC.

Nicole Rainer , Staff Writer

On December 5, 2019,  Senior Jacey Cooper signed to play college basketball. Signing to a college is a major achievement. “I am excited that a college wanted me and that I can continue playing basketball at the next level,” said Cooper.

Cooper signed to play college basketball at East Central Community College. Choosing a college can bring tremendous amounts of pressure. Cooper stated, “I like what they had to offer.”Jacey has been playing basketball for 9 years. “I’ve played upward from 3rd grade to 6th grade and played all of junior high. Now I’m on my senior year of highschool, “Cooper said.

Freshman Nataliya Garner  is proud of Cooper. “I have seen Jacey grow throughout my time at Pelahatchie. She has shown me different aspects of how a player should act. Jacey has always been supportive and considerate of everyone on her team. She takes responsibility, and never lays down. From every drive to every three. Jacey has worked so hard to get where she is today. She is going to do amazing things in the future,” said Garner.

“When I was younger basketball was just put into my head. My brother and sister played so seeing them play made me want to play.” said Cooper.

Freshman Beth King ,teammate, shares her feelings about cooper’s success. “There are no words to explain how happy I am for Jacey. She has put in a lot of work for basketball. There has always been a good feeling when it comes to Jacey. She puts her heart and soul when she is out on the court. She is always helping her team out and regardless if the team is losing or winning; she continues to work. I feel like everyone values her as a person because of who she is. She is smart, intelligent, and very athletic. She deserves her spot at East Central Community College,” said King.