Weird Christmas Traditions?

Callie Weems, Staff Writer

Most people have adopted the tradition of getting a Christmas tree and decorating it. Others, however, have come up with traditions that are unusual. 

Ever heard of pickle in a tree? In Germany, stores sold glass ornaments in the shape of different foods. 

When a family is decorating their tree, the pickle is the last ornament put on the tree. The children of the family would go on a hunt for the pickle and whoever found it would get an extra present.

Some say that this tradition is a myth and that people who live in Germany have never even heard of this.

Another Christmas tradition is called “A Cobweb Christmas.” 

This tradition’s origins trace back to Ukraine. An old tale says there was a poor family  of three, a widow and her two children, and they had no decorations for their tree. 

While the family slept, the spiders who lived in their hut decided they couldn’t let the family have a bare tree, so the spiders created a web.

When the children awoke from their sleep, they saw that the tree was decorated, and their eyes lit with excitement. 

From that day forward, the widow no longer felt poor. She was grateful for all that she had. That is why it is believed that spider webs bring good fortune!

A third Christmas tradition is to get a Christmas Log. This log is also known as the Tió de Nadal.

Each year, on the 8th of December, families pull this log out to feed the log with dried fruits and nuts. 

Tió is given water and covered with a blanket so that he can stay warm.

On Christmas Eve, children beat him with sticks and sing the traditional song. After the beating, they look under the blanket and see that he has pooped out gifts.

He is later burned to keep warm. This tradition originated from Spain.