Soccer Field Light Debacle Leads to Rescheduling of Game

CJ Earby, Staff writer

Last Thursday, December 5, 2019, the Lady Chiefs soccer team traveled to Clarkdale to face off against the Clarkdale Bulldogs for their first district game of the season. 

The Lady Chiefs had an undefeated and unblemished record of 4-0, while the Bulldogs had a 6-3-1 record.

The Lady Chiefs soccer team failed to score in their fight to win and lost 8-0. The Bulldogs managed to keep the Lady Chiefs from scoring. They scored 4 in the first half and 4 in the second half of the game.

On Monday, December 9, 2019, the Lady Chiefs and Chiefs soccer teams were scheduled to play the Morton Panthers. The Lady Chiefs started their game around 5:30 and were to be followed by the Chiefs around 6:30. 

Unfortunately that did not go as planned. About 19 minutes into the first half of their game, the Lady Chiefs had possession and were close to scoring as the field went completely dark. 

The Lady Chiefs had recently scored, so the score was 1-0 before the power outage. 

After awhile the Morton High School staff discovered that the reason for the power outage was a broken breaker.

“It made me kind of mad, because we had just passed the ball almost all the way down the field. We could have possibly scored off of the play, but the lights went out,” said first year player Marie Valentine.

The Panthers soccer coach moved the Chiefs and Lady Chiefs into the gymnasium while their staff worked to solve the problem. 

About 30 minutes later, the Panthers soccer coach informed the Chiefs that the power was back on, and they were ready to play.

While the two teams were warming up to finish the game it began to rain, and the coaches decided to cancel the game and reschedule.

The Chiefs and Lady Chiefs are now scheduled to make up the game on December 19, 2019, against the Morton Panthers.