Teacher of the Year Goes to…


Maria ellingburg

She has just receive the Teacher of the Year award.

Maria Ellingburg, Staff Writer

Tina Roberts received the surprise of her life on November 15 at a Friday night football game as she was awarded PHS Teacher of the Year. She is a Human A&P and biology teacher here at Pelahatchie. She has taught at Pelahatchie for three years. 

Roberts was met by Leslie Herbert and Dr. Burchfield who presented her the award. Her son Ethan Roberts and student Maria Ellingburg walked her flowers down the field for the achievement she had accomplished. 

Her fellow coworker Herbert said she discussed this award with Dr. Burchfield. According to Herbert, she said, ”We need to talk about Teacher of the Year; it’s coming up soon.” 

He asked about her thoughts, so she went through the list of people who had been nominated by their colleagues multiple times. Neither one of them wanted to answer the question without hearing the other’s thoughts. 

They both ended up saying Mrs. Roberts almost at the same time. We laughed, talked about the logistics of how and when. 

The according to Herbert, keeping this a secret from Roberts was extremely difficult. “I was so excited for her because I have such a professional and personal respect for Mrs. Roberts. Almost anyone who knows Mrs. Roberts or sees her teaching knows how much she loves and cares for her students. Because she loves them, she keeps her standards high and expects students to meet them – and they do!” said Hebert. 

Roberts said she was shocked, surprised, excited, and extremely honored to receive this award. She also said, “I work hard to include a variety of educational strategies into lessons, I connect content to real-world situations whenever possible, and I make building relationships with my students a priority.  There are many teachers here that do these things as well, and many teachers who are equally deserving of this award! Again, I am just so honored that I was chosen for this award.”

Roberts wanted to leave new teachers with some advice “Surround yourself with positive mentors and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Cut yourself some slack; it take time to build lessons and to find resources and activities that work well for your students.”  she concluded.