School Drills and Emergencies


Rankin County School District

The Rankin County School District website provides many resources to help both parents and students feel safe should any type of emergency situation take place at one of our schools.

Mckenzie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Over the years, there have been multiple mass shootings in schools across the nation. Though it is mandatory for every school to have a well-practiced procedure to lean on in case of this emergency, in the time of panic and chaos, things seem to change a little. 

Here at Pelahatchie High School, along with all the other schools that are within the Rankin County School District, teachers and students are tested with drills administered by our principals and a few other staff members. Sometimes the teachers are notified about these drills ahead of time, while other times they don’t know anything at all. Very rarely do the students find out about these drills before they take place. The reason for this is so no one has the chance to plan anything where all the students would be out and unsheltered all at once, if something ever were to happen. 

Everyone is told and has practiced to stay calm if this event ever were to erupt; however, people don’t how they will truly react until they are physically placed in this situation. One of the coaches, who is also a teacher of many subjects, Patrick Creel, shared his thoughts on the drills we have at this school and the possibility for anything that may happen. 

“I believe our drills at our school are great. All staff make sure all children are safe and secure. The technology we also use is top notch to make sure all are present and accounted for.” Creel also shared his hopes that an event like this will never happen, but if it were to teachers and students should all remain calm and follow the procedures to the best of our abilities, that are lined up in order to make sure all students as well as teachers are safe. 

Not only is Creel part of the staff at Pelahatchie, but he is also a parent. He believes in our training and is confident that his daughter would be taken care of. “Obviously I’d want my child to be safe, and I’m positive she would be because the staff here at Pelahatchie are well trained for an event like that.” 

People have their own opinions about what they would do or what they think is best. Some might say they would run as far as they could get away from the school, find something they could use a weapon of defense, or stay hidden and trust that the procedure that is planned out for them will follow through. No one will ever know exactly what they would do until they are placed in that position; however, it is always best to be prepared.