Students Question School Lunch Choices


Chicken Quesadilla with rice. Was served Wednesday afternoon.

Kayla Hobson , Staff Writer

Every school day, students either eat lunch from home or grab trays from the cafeteria. 

But for years, students hoped that the district would introduce something different. Instead, we enjoy the new buildings and programs the districts offer. 

For students who eat the school lunch, they don’t find the lunch very enjoyable.

 Telaiah Lewis, an 11th grade student said, “Sometimes the food doesn’t look fresh or taste flavorful. One time they served hamburgers and the patties were different colors.”

Although no one is perfect, there have been times when students have found food not in the best condition. This could lead to them not eating the rest of their food or just throwing it away. 

An anonymous student said, “One time, I found something green and slimy on my tray.” 

As they turn in their tray, they can’t help but notice the other trays. Some have fruits and other sides, that have been untouched. 

Milk is one of the main items that are left on the trays.

To some, milk with nachos, pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Do not sound very appealing, especially when you have it every week. 

 It being the only main beverage can limit students with certain disabilities.

Ryan Bayliss, a 10th grade student said, “They could make more options for people like Faith (another student), who is lactose intolerant.” 

One day, the students were offered one baked potato without any sides. 

No fruits, grains, and no lean protein. But the federal guidelines require that they are provided in every meal. 

Even though we have these obstacles, there are different ways the lunch menu could be changed. 

Chole Hamilton, a senior said, “They should have fresh food and more options. Selling pizza sometimes could be a better alternative. There should be more drink options, too. Something that tastes like soda but is diet or has less calories.”