Beta Buzz

This emblem represents the National Beta Society.

Credit to The National Beta Club

This emblem represents the National Beta Society.

CJ Earby, Staff Writer

On March 1 through 3, our Pelahatchie High School Beta Club will be traveling to Biloxi , Mississippi, to participate in the State Beta Club Convention. 

The State Beta Convention is an annual event held for a select few of students, who are inducted into Beta Club, around the state who participate in a series of different categories to showcase their intelligence and creativity.

While we have many students in our Beta Club, only those who are participating in an event will go. There are a variety of events, such as black and white photography, color photography, art, living literature, as well as different test subjects that require taking an exam.

Our Beta Club has participated in the state convention many times. “Last year, we added a few fun stops to the trip to make the experience more than a competition,” said the senior Beta instructor Eles Renfroe.

The Pelahatchie Beta Club brought home 4 trophies last year. 3 were won in the English and Spanish competitions, as well as in the living literature category. 

The Beta Club enjoyed their time at convention as well as their trip to convention. “I really loved watching Betas play games and enjoy chilling while eating at Ed’s Burger Joint in Hattiesburg and then have the opportunity to walk along the beach and interact with the seagulls,” Renfroe stated. 

In fact while taking a group photo, former student Cedrick Wilder struggled to save his food from his friends as well as a hungry seagull.

Although the Beta Club attends the convention to compete, they had loads of fun along the way.

While the State Beta Convention is a time for Betas to showcase their talent, intelligence, and creativity, it is also a time for them to learn, fellowship, and make new friends.