BTS’s New Single ‘Dynamite’ Leaves a Spark on the Charts


Laura Renfroe

Heartthrob boy group BTS have returned with their newest single “Dynamite,” a retro-driven soundtrack that promises serotonin and…success.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

With a global pandemic bringing everyone’s lives to a sudden gloomy gray, sometimes the world just needs to “shine through the city with a little funk and soul.”

BTS, the international powerhouse pride of South Korea: chances are most have heard their name by now. Starting from a humble beginning, handing out flyers to their free show, to reigning the charts with every song they release and selling out Wembley Stadium, BTS’s impact is remarkable. 

The seven-piece boy group came blazing back at full speed with their first ever fully-English single, “Dynamite” and ARMYS, BTS’s invincible fandom, didn’t come to play this comeback. 

To put it frankly, “Dynamite” is making history. 

The flamboyant retro single arrived as the best selling single in the U.S. by frame. The sheer power of the boy group and their fans is enough to make anyone look twice. 

Within only 24 hours of its much anticipated release, the euphoric music video reached 101.1 million views, and the track debuted number 1 on Spotify’s Global Top 50 Chart, claimed the title for the biggest Spotify debut of 2020, and achieved 100 No. 1s on iTunes within merely 8 hours. 

The list doesn’t even end there. “Dynamite” plowed on and outsold the rest of the top 50 best selling songs in the U.S. this week…combined. The former chart-topping song sold 250,000 copies in that period while “Dynamite” outsold that record more than 10 times over. If one were to continue listing all the records “Dynamite” has broken just within a few weeks of its release, it might take awhile.

The union between ARMY and BTS is undeniably like no other.

I got the incredible opportunity to e-meet Liam McEwan and inquire what he thinks makes the bond between BTS and ARMY different from any other fandom and artist.

 McEwan is an award-winning celebrity interviewer who has personally interviewed BTS multiple times. He is beloved by ARMY for his zest and passion and for always making the boys comfortable. 

McEwan has worked with artists at some of the world’s largest events, including the MTV Video Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

“I’ve interviewed many big stars in my time, acts who I would say have incredibly large fanbases…But no fandom has the dedication that the BTS ARMY has,” McEwan told me.

“Over the nearly 4 years that I have known BTS, I have had people of all ages, all backgrounds, all ethnicities, approach me and tell me about what BTS means to them. They are truly an international movement,” he continued.

In the dazzling record-breaking music video for “Dynamite,” the song commences with youngest Jungkook slipping on his sienna Timberlands, wiping milk from his cupid’s bow, and grinning as he sings “Shoes on, get up in the morn, cup of milk let’s rock and roll.”

The steady disco and rock theme throughout the video pays an inspiring homage to artists like the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, and even Michael Jackson as the boys strike a few of Jackson’s iconic moves. BTS dances through some of the most beloved eras of the 70s, 80s, and even 90s in “Dynamite.”

From poster-plastered bedrooms that scream rock and roll to the members sporting their gelled hairstyles and bell bottoms, “Dynamite” is truly a song of free spirit and living life to the fullest. 

The members put out just what the isolated world needed right now: comfort. The boys emphasized that the purpose of “Dynamite” was solely to bring back good vibes to their fans and offer them a little bit of cheer. 

The song definitely induces serotonin with its dance-y sunshine sounds. It’s crazy addictive and a healing force above all. It’s a soundtrack that stimulates imagery of friends living life to the fullest in the sun and “danc[ing] til the break of dawn.”

After months of staring at walls and watching the world seem to spiral, “Dynamite” was like a sip of fresh sweet tea, a recharge. It was just what the universe needed in times like these.

“We didn’t prepare this song with a number record in mind, but rather just wanted to comfort our fans during these difficult times””

— Park Jimin

vocalist Park Jimin said in an interview with
Radio Disney.

BTS has steadily skyrocketed from “First Korean Act” to “First Asian Act” to “First Act Ever.” This growth showcases the raw hard work put into every one of the global supergroup’s songs, without any help from the industry. The boys never yield to showcase their formidable talent and commitment to music. Their genuinity is touching and refreshing. 

ARMYS commemorated BTS’s latest success on September 1 (which also happened to be the 23rd birthday of the youngest member Jungkook) when BTS earned their first number 1 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.  

One Twitter fan account @EUPH0RIAL0VE with over 97k followers gladly shared her thoughts on being an ARMY during such successful times.

“It feels so amazing to be a part of this and watch BTS flourish in what they do,” Mina typed. “Watching them achieve so much whilst still remaining so humble at the same time is so refreshing. Their successful growth as a result of their own hard work is so inspiring and makes me so proud.”

And while ARMY’s ego is rightfully soaring, the seven boys feel incredibly humbled by their fans’ love for them. They strive to bring joy to their fans’ lives, even during a global pandemic in which the world appears to be splitting at the seams.

Following the postponement of the group’s Map of The Soul Tour due to COVID-19, the boys stepped up June 14 to host a fully virtual concert, Bang Bang Con: The Live, to express how much they missed performing. 

The dazzling performances drew in a viewership peak of 756,000 concurrent viewers in 107 countries and territories. To put these numbers to a visual, imagine 15 shows at a 50,000 seat stadium combined. 

The online presentation was knighted the title of most viewers for a music concert live stream by Guinness World Records. 

“It was quite a memorable and valuable experience for us to perform for our ARMYs even in these hard times,” BTS told NME. “The fact that we won’t stop navigating ways to stay connected with our fans means a lot to us.”

BTS’s footprints in 2020 have been eye-opening to many. The constant inflow of donations from the seven members exhibits the genuine hearts of each of them. In the heat of the Black Lives Matter movement, BTS donated $1 million to the cause. ARMY, touched by their consideration, matched the donation by massing together $1 million as a fandom to donate as well.

The bond between ARMY and their fans from all over the world is intimately personal despite the language barriers and miles separating them. But as ARMY will happily confirm, the language is music.

“What’s most interesting is that a lot of their international fans are unable to understand Korean, but somehow, their message of LOVE transcends any language. In fact, I have friends that are BTS fans, that have either travelled to study in Korea, or are actively learning the language due to their passion for the band,” interviewee McEwan stated. 

“BTS also interacts with their fans in a very personal way, with pretty much every aspect of their lives being documented, leaving fans feeling like they know the band personally.” 

BTS obviously feels overwhelmed by the amount of love they receive, laughing together in a livestream on V Live about how much they cried when they heard the news September 1. ARMYs cried right along with them as the boys stressed how the Hot 100 win was ARMY’s as much as it was theirs, even preparing a cake for their fans right alongside Jungkook’s.

With a fully self produced creative-driven album coming up later in 2020, both BTS and ARMY are sure to be busy this season. Having a No. 1 hit on the Top 100 under their belts, all that is left is to break those records all over again next comeback. Which, if I were to guess, shouldn’t be an issue.

ARMYs are expecting a boom of fresh fans joining the fandom, accompanying the large-scale “Dynamite” exposure from their virtual VMA performance on August 30. The boys sweeped the night’s awards, collecting wins for Best K-pop, Best Pop, Best Group, and Best Choreography.  

Becoming an ARMY is indeed like falling down a rabbit hole, some might say. Once you fall in, there’s no coming back out.