A World Without You


Makaylee Hester

Meghan Herrington speaks with Seanadrian Johnson about her personal experience of losing her childhood best friend to suicide.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

“Life is from the inside out. When you shift on the inside, life shifts on the outside,” said Kamal Ravikant. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide among Americans is the 10th leading cause of death; unfortunately for teens, it is the second leading cause as proven by PBS.

The leading cause of death is car accidents with suicide close behind it.

The chart shows exactly how close the top two leading causes of death among teens are. (Meghan Herrington)

Many students have experienced the terrible loss of suicide first hand. “My 8th grade year I became friends with a girl that was being bullied. And during that time, I basically was her protector. I used to like defend her. And make sure kids didn’t mess with her at school,” said Seanadrian Johnson, a senior at Pelahatchie High School. Holding back tears, she informed me about her relationship before she lost her.

“And we became close and basically like became my best friend, so the second semester of 8th grade I moved to a different school. But I still used to talk to her and everything make sure she was okay. And I was close to her and her mom,” said Johnson.

Johnson teared up as she proceeded to tell me how she came to discover the loss of her childhood best friend.

“So I’ll say I moved in the beginning of January…  so the 28th her mom called me and told  me she found her in her room. And she killed herself because of the kids at school bullying her. And since I wasn’t there, like nobody was there to defend her,” she continued.

Based on information from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, every year it is estimated 1.4 million people commit suicide. This makes it about 132 per day, and an estimated 48,344 suicides occur yearly.

Among adults, men are 3.56 times more likely to commit than women, but in teens young women rates with suicide are on the rise.

Social media may be to blame for this increase in teens because it has been linked to mental health problems. It is said that 11.8 deaths out of 100,000 adolescent deaths are because of suicide from PBS.

Firearms are involved in about half of these suicides among Americans according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The month of September is National Suicide Prevention Month.