Same Tribe, New Faces

Seanadrian Johnson, Staff Writer

Ms. Bright (left) and Ms. Kilpatrick (right) posing for a picture while doing bus duty.

The 2020-21 school year has been rolling along well these first two months of students being back after a 6 month ‘staycation’ at home.  Coming into a new environment is a little nerve-racking for anyone, but there’s even more anxiety for starting a new school year while living in something that is international history. Pelahatchie High School has taken more safety measures since the pandemic has started and has welcomed new members to the Chiefs family. 

Many of our new teachers all attended universities or colleges right here in Mississippi. They are all passionate about their field of choice and unique in their own way of teaching their students. While some teachers, like Leah Herbert, Coach Corley and Ms. Bright, have years of experience under their belt, we are all excited to have each and everyone of them with us. 

These educators have very interesting lives. If you didn’t know, Coach Corley, teaches Earth & Space Science ;and the new football coach has a farm in his own backyard. Our English department has grown in size with the arrival of Ms. Herbert (English 1&2/ Honors English 1&2) and Anna Kilpatrick (8th grade English, ACT Prep, and Learning Strategies). They are preparing our students for more complex courses of English by learning the importance of Narrative Plot Diagrams and reading habits.

 “No matter who you are, I have an open door policy for everyone,”said Kilpatrick as she told what she would want people to know about her. 

These educators are doing so much to be able to teach their students during this pandemic. Herbert explains how she just enjoys teaching and seeing her students grow to become better in everything they do. 

As we are getting back into the role of school and our new expectations for each other, just take a moment to say hello to the new staff of PHS and let them know they are appreciated for being here. Every administrator and teacher is doing what is necessary to see students succeed academically and physically.