Star Wars Conflict in Sims 4


Simmers tried to guess the new icon after it was leaked. Later on, the Sims announced the Star Wars pack release date on September 8, 2020.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

The Sims 4 has announced a new pack, Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, and many fans expressed their concerns of the pack through Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

Several fans complained about the release of a new game before EA even made updates to its previous ones. 

Twitter user @Jevaplays stated, “The Sims 4 is giving us STAR WARS before they give us improved skin tones, babies, better personality systems etc.”  

Some fans believe that the Star Wars franchise shouldn’t mix with the Sims. 

@Iron_Cgull said, “I love Star Wars. I love The Sims. But here’s the thing, I love chicken and waffles. But I tried them together and hated it. So far, this game pack gives that same feel for me…”

The trailer has broken the record for most disliked Sims trailer in Sims history. 

After the trailer was released, a poll was posted showing that a Star Wars pack was at the bottom of the list of packs simmers wanted.  

Fans react overwhelmingly negative to the new Sims Star Wars pack, resulting in EA’s released trailer to fall at the bottom of the entire Sims franchise.

Famous simmers like Pixelade, Keeyuh, and Simmer Erin have made videos reviewing the latest trailer.

On Pixelade’s video, he expressed, ”I’m simply making this video because I am disappointed and I feel like many simmers still feel unheard and unrepresented. And releasing this kind of a pack now, was definitely the wrong move in my opinion.”

Even in the Instagram comments, most simmers were disappointed and felt like they were being ignored by the Sim’s team. 

Podivljalost said, “Who asked for this?? It’s like the Sims team doesn’t have social media like they can’t see what we actually want. It has been SIX YEARS since the game was released, and babies are still — objects! That’s why I am deeply disappointed in sims 4 currently.”

But there have been some simmers who wouldn’t mind playing Star Wars on the Sims. 

According to @themxnica, “I honestly love it! I am a HUGE StarWars fan and to be able to make myself actually be a Jedi without mods is really amazing! I really hate how people say “We have StarWars clothing in the base game, we don’t need anything else.’ You don’t have to like it, but don’t be negative!” 

The Sims 4 debuted on September 4, 2014. The main goal was to express people’s imagination limitlessly, and that’s what makes the game so unique. 

There are 9 expansion packs, 8 game packs, and 17 stuff packs to add special effects to the base game.