New Broadcast at Pelahatchie High


Leslie Hebert

Newspaper staff dress fancy for 2020 new beginnings.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

Every Monday morning, students and teachers turn to Youtube to watch the Hatchie Headlines Broadcast. 

The first broadcast was published on September 13, 2020, making it the first time in history of broadcast at Pelahatchie High School. Newspaper staff work to prepare this weekly broadcast by finding subjects that interest the school and interviewing both students and teachers. 

 Megan Herrington, a staff writer and announcer, started the idea.

She said, “The broadcast all started in the newspaper when someone asked why we do not do morning announcements anymore. This is when I got super excited and proposed us doing a broadcast. Voila, the broadcast was born. Kayla does the voice overs, Laura does the pledge of allegiance, Makaylee and I do announcements, I do sports, Malik does the 15 second segment, and Seanadrian does the student feature.” 

Before Covid-19, the announcement came on every morning for students to be informed about daily school events. 

After the announcement stopped, the idea of the broadcast came to life so that newspaper writers staff could inform and entertain at the same time. 

Malik Latin, newspaper staff and band member,  interviews different teachers and asks them to explain a movie or a book under 15 seconds. 

He said, “I’m not usually the person to be out there and be the middle of everything. But I’m always behind the scenes with stuff. Or I’ll be a planner but it’s just to get out of my comfort zone and actually feel good for what i’m doing.

Students express their appreciation for the broadcast. 

Faith Smith, a NSHSS and Student Council member, said,“I like it. It’s a nice way to get news around.”

If you would like to be a student feature or have some ideas for the broadcast, you can contact Seandrian Johnson or any newspaper staff member. The newspaper staff works every B day morning first block in Mrs. Grice’s room, room 800.