“Up, Up, Up”

The cover photo of the new Disney film that features Zach Sobiech's story, concerning his battle with osteosarcoma.

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The cover photo of the new Disney film that features Zach Sobiech’s story, concerning his battle with osteosarcoma.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

It’s cliche to say life’s too short not to live it out, but this is the predominant reason Sammy Brown and Amy Adamle will.

Disney+ released a movie titled Clouds on October 16, 2020.The film follows the inspiring and true story of Zach Sobiech.

True stories make for the best movies and series.

Sobiech was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, when he was fourteen years old back in 2009.

Clouds follows him after he is diagnosed. Specifically, it shows how Sobiech dealt with being a victim of childhood cancer. However, he is not a victim to anything; he is a fighter.

The awe-stuck film captures friendships that keep him going until his death in May of 2013.

Clouds is a tear-jerker; it forced me to re-evaluate the way I had been reacting to certain circumstances in my own life.

The Children’s Cancer Research Fund interviewed some of his closest friends. One question asked was, “What was it like to see Fin dressed as Zach for the first time, and to be on set watching Zach’s story be turned into a movie?”

“I felt the same way, it’s like seeing a ghost but you can touch it. They had Fin wearing Zach’s actual clothes… your brain can’t possibly compute it. It was an intense process for sure, but it was clear that everyone was working really hard to take good care of Zach’s story,” explained Sammy Brown.

Brown was one of Zach’s best friends since toddler-years. Before his death, Sobiech and Brown actually wrote and performed a song titled “Clouds,” which hints to the name of the film.

The film is a solid five out of five stars. I would recommend this to the teen group especially but also to young adults, middle-aged adults, and seniors. The film does have a moment of strong language.

Clouds can be streamed on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. The music video for the song “Clouds” performed by Zach Sobiech can be found here. To learn more about Sobiech’s story, click here.