The Mandalorian Satisfies Sci-Fi Devotees with a Stellar Second Season


Photo edited by Laura Renfroe

The Mandalorian Season 2 ensues with even more action-packed plot twists, incredible CGI, and elaborate characters.

Laura Renfroe, Staff Writer

Seated at a table, a towering figure clad in armor and weaponry of all kinds fiddles with his cup, a mysterious glowing liquid wafting from its inside. At his side floats a small metal carriage in which peaks out a bizarre wrinkly pea green face, its large gleaming eyes observing everyone in the cantina from droid bartenders to supersized insects. This gunfighter-child duo is perhaps one of the oddest, but their adventure together is one of the most iconic.

Popular TV series The Mandalorian has blasted back to streaming screens for a subsequent season, upholding a promising audience rating of 4.8/5. The show first aired November 12, 2019, quickly becoming one of the most anticipated streaming shows of the year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ received over 10 million sudden sign ups in the first 24 hours of the show’s 2019 premier. 

The first season commenced with intimidating lone bounty hunter, the Mandalorian, following a quest into the far reaches of the galaxy in search of “The Child,” a miniature-sized lookalike of the Star Wars iconic character Yoda. 

The Mandalorian was sent initially to learn more about The Child’s origins but soon falls for its innocent charms right alongside the show’s audience. He then dedicates the rest of his exploits to protecting this curious infant.

The first season proved to be riveting and pack-full of blazing adventures. The cinematography sets the ideal mood with its galactical imagery, automatically transporting viewers to far-off worlds. Fans noted frequently how the first season kept them in anticipation and on the edge of their seats every episode.

So far, Season 2 keeps the luster the first season brandished. Director Jon Favreau brought to screens old franchise nostalgia paired with fresh faces. 

The high-budget CGI and incredibly talented cast makes for a pristine show that attracts fans from all entertainment interests. 

The worldbuilding of this show is both original and captivating. Fans travel by lightspeed to new worlds right alongside the characters, experiencing everything from snow-encased ice chambers to scalding sandy dunes.

Perhaps the beauty of the show lies within not only the incredible CGI sets and worlds but also the authenticity of characters. Viewers experience a wide range of creatures and characters over the course of the new and old seasons, including the characteristically endearing “Baby Yoda,” as fans have lovingly labeled him.

Pedro Pascal plays the main character, “Mando” for short. The amount of emotion portrayed through his single helmet is doubtlessly commendable. Miniscule motions and posture are all a part of detailed elements of Pascal’s acting that bring this metal-clad character to life.

The show’s mesh of characters is undoubtedly a Star Wars classic characteristic. It makes the show all the more engaging and immersive. The Mandalorian lets us experience this rich world permeated with immensely elaborate characters and plot twists.

Depth of characters is what really makes a show worth the watch, and The Mandalorian without a doubt provides excellent characterization. While in some shows the poor CGI taints the edges of good character development, The Mandalorian is pristinely flaw-free so far.

While the plot seems to be disorderly at times, I consider it to be more of a stylistic choice than a lazy one. Every new show is a new venture, allowing for more multi-layered worldbuilding and character development.

Season 2 is truly filled to the brim with chase scenes, giant creature battles, and ruthless heist plots. The Mandalorian and The Child take on new thrilling adventures together in Season 2. The season has so far featured riveting cinematography including giant spiders and acid-breathing sand dragons.

“I love the originality of the series. Jon Favreau, the creator of the show, has taken the old and new of the Star Wars franchise and created something magical,” PHS teacher and Star Wars enthusiast Angela Skinner said.

 “Season 1 had me on the edge of my seat week after week. Season 2 is no different. Chapter 9 (S2: E1)…the ending…!! I have so many questions!! That’s the mark of something good…it keeps you wanting more and who can go wrong with The Child,” Skinner continued. “I love everything about it! Two thumbs up from me!” 

The show has gained positive feedback from the Star Wars fandom, which is notorious for being divided on its opinions of new releases. The Mandalorian upholds a notable Rotten Tomatoes rating of 91%. With the show’s suspenseful action and adorable “Baby Yoda,” it’s hard not to love.

“I have really enjoyed The Mandalorian. They have done an excellent job of recreating the ‘Star Wars’ storyline while also adding a few ‘old school nuggets’ along the way for the sake of nostalgia,” PHS principal Teague Burchfield wrote.

“As a kid, my favorite character was Boba Fett. He had the coolest outfit but his story was shrouded in mystery. To be honest, I thought the way he died in Return of the Jedi was quite silly given how awesome I thought he was,” Burchfield said. “The Mandalorian allows us to get a better understanding of his kind and thus allows us to shape Boba Fett’s purpose as well. Great show!”

For now, Star Wars fans can hope The Mandalorian continues to prosper in its second season and beyond. The show’s potential has allowed it to become an ultimate hit, with not a moment of screen time to lose. The action-packed scenes always hint at something bigger at play with every episode ending with a nail-biting cliffhanger.

The Mandalorian is a cultural revolution for Sci-Fi streaming shows, upholding a remarkable reputation that will unmistakably impact future shows to come. 

The show definitely has lots to unpack that could not even be summed up in one review. The incredible pacing, jokes, characters, and soundtracks all make for a must-watch show. Looking for a good story? The Mandalorian is the perfect fit. 

While the show showcases intimate new characters and plots, the core of Star Wars remains: the same core that knit together families, adventure parks, and millions of friends. 

“This [show] is the way to bring Star Wars back to life,” Google reviewer Alvaro Lara stated.