A New Flag, A New Story


Malik Latin, Staff Writer

The Mississippi state flag, one of the most historical pieces in the South, changed on November 3, 2020. 

The controversy all started with  the Confederacy adopting a flag in 1861. This was called the magnolia flag with a picture of a magnolia tree.

 In 1982 a former Ole Miss cheerleader named John Hawkins didn’t want to carry the former state flag. 

Also in 1988 an African American politician named Aron Henry introduced the changing of the state flag, but it did not work out as planned. 

But In April of 2001 the state had a debate to change the flag which turned out to be a riot in its own right. 

In 2020,  the NACC announced that Mississippi wouldn’t be allowed to host or play any basketball games if they didn’t change the state flag.

This changed history forever.  On November 3, 2020, Mississippi voted on our new flag. Our students from Pelahatchie High School had made some of their own statements, trying to make a difference for our school and their state. 

“It’s more about history,” says one anonymous student.  Another anonymous student states ,“It was just a memento from the Civil War”. 

On November 3, 2020, the state of Mississippi  voted on the new state flag and 71.6% of our state voted yes with our new flag, and 28.4 voted no. 

There was an internet voting on our new state flag where the whole state could vote on our new state flag. And there was a lot of flag design but there was only one that came on top: the mosquito flag. 

This photo was used by the Clarion Ledger and is a photo of the most popular flag on the online vote they had, and it’s a mosquitoes and stars.

Our new design is with the flag is with a white magnolia  with stars and the statement “In God We Trust” and the main colors are red, blue, and gold.  


This photo was used by CNN to show a general description of the new state flag.