Companies Try Black Friday In A New Way



Stores like Walmart offer big deals all month long. Customers can still enjoy their sales while keeping distance and remaining safe.

Kayla Hobson, Staff Writer

Since the increase of the Coronavirus, many well-known companies have developed different efforts to provide customers with products. 

Usually Black Friday takes place on November 27. 

But stores are having their deals for the whole month of November instead of just one or two days. 

Best Buy has a holiday deal all season long and also offers same day delivery with curbside pick up. 

Target is having deals for a month but have different ones each week. 

Amazon is having their “Holiday Dash” till November 12.

These offers are a way to keep customers safe while limiting the amount of people coming in at one time. 

Normal shoppers express their opinions on the new efforts. 

Gail Collier, a Black Friday shopper, says, “I like the way businesses are getting creative with their sales. It’s better to have deals for a month than having to rush for a day or two.”

Companies are encouraging people to shop online. 

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, many people depend on technology to buy products. 

This Black Friday concept could encourage more people to shop online and change the way we do in-store shopping. 

Seandrian Johnson, a student at Pelahatchie High, says, “At some point Black Friday is going to be a online thing. People are going to get used to the online buying and curb side pick up.” 

In the article, “Covid-19 drives a surge in online holiday shopping,” it states. “For the 10 days of the holiday shopping, U.S. consumers spent $21.7 billion online – a 21% year-over-year jump, according to Adobe Analytics.” 

So in the future, America will see if the online shopping helped or hindered the Black Friday holiday. By looking at the results, this could change the way people shop forever.