The First and Last Round


Nick Herrington

Some of the senior cheerleaders gather for a picture at their last high school football game.

Friday, November 6 was the last day 25 seniors from football, band and cheer took the field. Our Chiefs took on the East Webster Wolverines for the first round of the playoffs.

The match-up started with the usual pre-game: band taking center field blasting the United State national anthem, cheerleaders in two lines saluting towards the flag presented by Pelahatchie High School’s JROTC, and the football team standing parallel to the goal posts.

The game started at approximately 7 p.m. Within the first few minutes of the first quarter, the Wolverines scored; by the end of the quarter, it would be set 7-21.

The Chiefs were down by two touchdowns along with the field goal kick. The game dragged on until halftime. The band members gave their last salute to the United States military in their show “The Last Battalion.”

Coming back into the third quarter, the Chiefs’ defense struggled as the Wolverines would bring their score up by twenty.

The iconic “four” chant was weak as the Chiefs entered the fourth quarter. Although the Chiefs’ defense held the Wolverines, the offense was able to score only one more touchdown before the game ended.

After the conclusion of the football game, each sport felt the emotional toll of being on the field one final time.

“It was extremely emotional,” Makaylee Hester, senior band member and color guard team co-captain, said as she teared up.

“We all had joked and talked about how ready we were for football season to be over, but once it sunk in that it was actually done, none of us were ready. It’s kind of upsetting knowing that you’ll never perform again with these kids who have become your family. It just really showed us how much everything was about to change,” Hester added.

Chance Boone replied it was sad because he will never get to kick in that stadium again, but he was happy he was able to play one last time. Boone is a kicker for the Pelahatchie High School Varsity football team.

“Honestly, it was bittersweet. I have been cheering for Pelahatchie since I was little, and it still doesn’t seem like it’s over just yet. Pelahatchie will forever hold a special place in my heart,” Isabella Rust, a senior cheerleader, stated.

“I am so glad I made so many friends, and I hope I still keep in contact with them after graduation. To the fans, thank y’all for always supporting us and being at all of the away games, even if they were far away,” continued Rust.