Pelahatchie Royalty


The senior homecoming maids pose with their queen Katie Bell Boyer after the crowning ceremony.

Pelahatchie High School crowned Queen Katie Belle Boyer at her coronation on October 2, 2020 during the homecoming halftime proceedings. 

Each of the maids stunned the crowd, looking beautiful as ever in their elegant gowns. 

Each maid has the choice to wear red, black, or silver. The seniors were required to wear white.

Every senior maid added their own flair to their look.. Boyer’s dress was crested with feathers and Smith’s with diamonds.

Although Boyer was fortunate enough to beat out four other maids, she feverishly campaigned against Faith Smith, ultimately capturing the crown. 

For some, the choice between Boyer and Smith was a no brainer. One junior states that she knew she had to vote for Smith because “I wanted to give a chance to someone new. I feel like Faith is just so sweet that she really deserves this.”

Despite many wanting to vote for Smith, others knew they had to vote for Boyer. One senior states that she made her decision, swaying towards Boyer, because “she’s so friendly. She always has a smile on her face, and she talks to everyone.” 

The look on Boyer’s face was priceless after being newly dubbed Pelahatchie royalty. 

She states that this honor came as a complete surprise. She tells others, “You campaign, and you really try to get yourself out there, but you never really believe that it is going to be you that gets elected.”

All of the Pelahatchie High School maids understood that it was not all about winning. They loved spending time together and creating memories that will last well beyond high school years.

After a long road trip stopping at Florida, New York, Texas, and Oregon, the Pelahatchie Chiefs came back and took a well deserved win against Collins after Enterprise was quarantined.

The Pelahatchie Chieftains strutted their stuff during spirit week, dominated during the Homecoming game, and shined when electing their new Homecoming Queen.