A Way to Bring in the New Year



Sean Curran stands in front of the word “Ways” written various times to reference the words of his single, an allusion to the never-ending words of praise towards God.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

Passion Band affiliate Sean Curran recently released a new single on Friday, January 22.

His new hit is titled “Ways.” “We all know the old proverb that goes something like this… ‘We become what we behold.’ Well, WAYS is an attempt to behold the right thing,” stated Curran on his Instagram platform.

This inspiring song was first (and unofficially) released at Passion Conference 2021.

Passion Conference is an event geared towards eighteen to twenty-five-year-olds. However, I believe everyone no matter his or her age should experience this event. Every year college-aged students meet in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Mercedes-Benz Center to bring in the New Year, worshipping Jesus and hearing powerful influencers and speakers talking about Jesus.

Due to Covid-19, things looked a little different this year. Seats were in various venues across Atlanta for the conference, but also people could stream the event for free.

Curran sang this song in Africa to bring in the New Year there. It was a powerful experience because as I was singing his song in Mississippi, he was singing the same song at the same time in Africa, not to mention people from around the globe were joining in as well. The virus has pushed people apart, but this conference and song allowed people to be united despite the distance of people being spread out across the world.

The lyrics in “Ways” are simply a cry out to God about how Christians need eternity to praise Him because there are endless ways to praise Him.

“I don’t think of it as a new song, but more as a very old one. The kind that our soul’s know. I can’t help but sing it from the deep place. I pray it moves you the same,” continued Curran on his Instagram post.

The words are inspiring and uplifting. “Never running out of ways/ To praise You/ I’m never running out of words to thank You/ I keep discovering/ The weight of your love for me/ I need eternity/ To tell You how much I love You,” sings Curran.

I absolutely love this song and will be adding it to my Spotify playlist. Words and lyrics mean so much more when they feel strongly connected to what you believe. If you listen to Christian music, this is definitely a song to add to your playlist.

Click here watch and listen.