Out of the Norm Year, Out of the Norm Pageant


Bruckner's School Photography

The 2019/2020 pageant winners gather for a photo following the conclusion of pageant. This photo was taken before coronavirus.

Meghan Herrington, Staff Writer

“Your outer beauty will capture the eyes, your inner beauty will capture the heart.” (Steven Aitchison)

Come be a part of the Beauty and Beau pageant and let your outer beauty glow and your inner shine.

Beauty and Beau is coming soon. The pageant is set to be March 6 at 4pm.

This year the yearbook staff’s theme is “out of the norm.” Because of Covid-19 and this theme, the pageant will look different than in years past.

Before now, junior high and high school students have been required to wear a formal gown or tuxedo, and the elementary students have been required to wear their Sunday best.

Spectator numbers have also not been limited in the past.

High school pageant contestants will wear two outfits this year: the formal gown and casual wear. Elementary pageant contestants will still wear their Sunday best like in the past few years.

Depending on capacity, contestants may receive a limited number of seats for spectators.

If you are interested in finding out who won class favorites or Senior Who’s Who, then you should also come to the pageant. These winners will be announced at the pageant, and their pictures will be taken after by Bruckner’s School Photography.

Students are showing interest and excitement in this year’s pageant.

“I think this year’s pageant will be great,” said Malik Latin, a member of the Pelahatchie High School yearbook staff.

“We are expecting a good turnout,” continued Malik.

Many people have gotten pageant forms. If you are interested in being in the pageant, please make sure you get a form from Mrs. Herrington and turn it in by Thursday, February 18.

“I think it will be super fun with the new spin on the pageant because it makes it more worthwhile,” stated Makaylee Hester, a high school senior.

“I am excited for the pageant this year and will encourage others to take part in it, so we as the Class of 2021 can have some normalcy in our last days at Pelahatchie High School,” continued Hester with hope in her voice.